Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who is Orochimaru???(from Naruto)


Orochimaru was one of the legendary Sannin along with
Jiraiya and Tsunade; they were the three esteemed students
of Konoha's Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi. Sarutobi considered
Orochimaru to be a talent found once every few decades, and
hoped that he would someday carry on his ideals as the Yondaime.

But, it was not to be. Arrogant in his gifted abilities,
Orochimaru came to develop a twisted ideology, becoming
insensitive to other's misfortune and almost finding
amusement in death and war and valuing only his own ninjutsu
abilities. Disappointed with how his prized apprentice had
turned out, Sarutobi chose Jiraiya's student instead to
become the Yondaime, and it was speculated that afterwards,
Orochimaru held a persistent grudge. He believed that one
could discover the ultimate truth of the world by learning
every ninjutsu ever created, and worked in secret to
accomplish this goal. The genius ninja reasoned that the
human lifespan would not be sufficient for his ambitious
plans, and began kidnapping Konoha ninjas to experiment upon
in order to develop a jutsu that would grant immortality

This Guy Is NUTS!!!!!!!!



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